LK - Luffing Hydraulic Crane

LK: luffing hydraulic crane designed for the most congested construction sites.

The crane jib can reach almost the vertical position: its 85 degree angle is reached in less than 2 minutes, the out-of-service radius is 11.3 meters with the maximum jib length.

The jib length of 52 meters, has a peak load of 2 tons and a maximum load of 10 tons with II ropes.


Assembly is quick and easy, as the hydraulic piston is pre-installed at the factory.


The compact dimensions of the counter-jib, the complete rotation unit and the total jib can be transported on four containers or four trucks.

Jib 52m
Capacity from 5 to 10 ton
Quick and easy assembly
High handling capacity
Smooth and fast movements
Multiple security systems
Easy and safe transport
model height [m] height [m] jib [m] max capacity [kg] tip load [m] data sheet
2052 LK SN 2050 - 52 SK 1700 - 36.4 52 5000 / 10000 2160 download

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