innovation & technology

innovative technologies means, forcefulness and ability for a state of the art technological process

Manufacture of the metal structures that form cranes implies a whole series of technologies able to guarantee safety in the construction of couplings, precision assemblies and interchangeable products.

FMGru handles this complex technological cycle in a precise sequence of operations:

  • treatments to prepare the surfaces of the basic material
  • mechanical machining processes on numeric control machine tools
  • arc welding (mag type) on flexible robots featuring integrated ultrasound monitoring systems
  • paint coating or galvanizing finishing treatments
  • dimensional and quality inspections conducted during each phase of the productive process

The accurate management of these series of operations is optimised by modern and complex computerized systems that guarantee the execution compliance in accordance with the imposed project specifications.

quality & safety

Safety has always been the main objective of FMGru. The correct crane operation, the highest safety for people and the easy inspection are the three aspects on which every safety devices have been developed.

The result has allowed us to offer quality construction cranes that complies with the main international directives. (ISO, IEC, DIN, CNR, UNI, FEM; EN 14439).

quality & safety

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