4 FM GRU cranes in Rome

The FM GRU srl company has supplied 4 tower cranes that are currently at work in the Rome construction yard of the Ex Polygraphic Institute and State Mint, which will become the new headquarter of the ENEL offices.

Once the initial idea of building an hotel in Piazza Verdi faded, in the residential neighbourhood Parioli Pinciano between the two large public parks of Villa Ada in the north and Villa Borghese in the south, works are in progress for when, in 2022, the upgrade of the entire building finishes and Enel occupies about 30.000 square meters for office use, on a total of 70 thousand square meters surface.

The imposing building, composed by seven floors, is located on four sides around a large internal courtyard. Built in 1914 as headquarter of the Polygraphic Institute and State Mint, it’s considered one of the most representative building of the Liberty architecture in the capital city.

The project, inspired by sustainability, consists in the restoration of the external facades, in the stabilization and the fit-out of the whole structure and in the realisation of an underground parking lot made up of 4 floors and with 280 parking places.

In this important construction yard, the 4 FM tower cranes model 1260 FTC, with a jib of 60mt, mounted at different heights (between 45 and 55mt) in order to avoid collisions during manoeuvres, are at work. The Flat Top Crane (FTC) model allows a faster assembly with modular sections that reduces the installation time and ensures the highest safety for all the operators involved.

To follow the construction yard policy in favour of eco-sustainability and to ensure the safeguard of the environment where the cranes are located, a particular attention was dedicated to low acoustic emissions and the use of ecological based paints.

Furthermore, the four cranes are equipped with all the technological devices and a system of accessible interface from any device with an internet connection, which allows to monitor all the cranes’ functions and performances in real time: this system of interconnection makes FM cranes suitable for the tax credit required by Industry 4.0. In particular, FMGru system allows the automatic remote updating of the crane software by the parent company; the possibility of activating predictive assistance mechanisms through the crane’s general conditions’ monitoring and diagnosis by the parent company, in order to plan the necessary assistance activities; the crane load cycles’ visualization; the data visualization on the time of use of the crane and of each single winch; the possibility of planning preventive maintenance.

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