FMGru for Genova

Five cranes from the Pontenure company on Polcevera site

FMGru contributes to the reconstruction of the Genoa bridge

Exactly one year after the tragedy on the A10, works are started.


Modern technology, competence, experience and the guarantee of a constant and direct technical assistance: these are the strength points that have allowed FMGru of Pontenure (Piacenza) to be part of the team that is working on the construction of the new bridge over the Polcevera in Genoa. The company, leader in the construction of tower cranes for the building industry, has been chosen as a supplier in the important infrastructure project designed by Renzo Piano.

A year has passed since the tragic collapse of the Morandi viaduct and today the Ligurian city looks to the future with a real opportunity to move forward. At the end of June, the consortium company PERGENONOVA, a joint venture between Salini Impregilo and Fincantieri Infrastructure, launched the first concrete slabs in the construction site area where the districts of Sampierdarena and Cornigliano are divided by the stream. The logic of the achievement became immediately evident: some large Italian companies, complementary to each other, are collaborating with the aim of making available to the city and to the country a unique know-how built on years of experience around the world.

This opportunity could not have been better for FMGru, a leading brand in the sector, which wanted to take part in the challenge, bringing six splendid jewels of its mechanical carpentry to Genoa. The cranes have been tailor-made for this project, adopting all the most functional technological solutions for this particular context. Shortly they have been customized as much as possible to meet the specific needs of the site on the Polcevera.

This new generation tower line has convinced and satisfied both operators and technicians thanks above all to its exceptional adaptability. At an height of 52 metres and mounted on a 6x6 metre undercarriage, the 2760 TLX and 2675 TLX crane models are fitted with 27,90 metres jibs, shortened to operate between the pillars under construction. Their capacity is 12 tonnes.

They will be used for the construction of reinforced concrete structures of elliptical section that will support the steel deck.

The work will be carried out in progressive steps, during which the four cranes will work alongside the same number of pillars. Once these have been finished, the cranes will be moved several times until the entire vertical skeleton of the 18 planned supports has been completed. According to the planning schedule proposed by the consortium company, the site should proceed simultaneously to both east and west sides.

To facilitate their movements, the cranes have been placed on special plates made for the occasion: this is a functional alternative to the reinforced concrete bases that are often used in normal construction sites. The support plates were built in England and are made of a high-tech plastic material just 10 centimetres high. The extraordinary aspect is that each plate guarantees up to 230 tons of capacity but is so thin and versatile that you can easily transfer both tower and jib once the stack is complete.

Also the crane lighting has also been carefully designed: special and very powerful lamps have been installed to ensure compliance with the safety regulations of the area, which borders on the airport zone. FMGru has chosen the most suitable solutions for a construction site that is active day and night.

Another decisive aspect of the contract was the assistance. The proximity between Piacenza and Genoa, of course, helps a lot: the most qualified technicians of the Emilian Company are available to the Ligurian consortium 24 hours a day and can reach the site in a short time, also to ensure all the necessary spare parts.

FMGru affirms: “It is a great satisfaction for us to think that we can participate in such a significant challenge for the entire Italian economy”.

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