technical assistance

The main target of FMGru is to assist customers in solving problems related to the use of cranes providing personnel and equipment able to intervene every time with professionalism.

The users of FM cranes can rely on a prompt and qualified technical assistance and after-sales service.
As we are aware of the importance of the crane in handling building materials on the job site, we provide assistance in short time for every needs.
We give assistance analysing the job sites in order to solve problems concerning the use of cranes in the specific situation:

  • installation studies on sites that present particular difficulty for the crane positioning
  • research and construction of fixing systems for crane raising
  • problem-solving concerning interference and clearance amongst several cranes working on the same site
  • fine-tuning of the working areas

training courses

FMGru holds periodical training courses for crane operators, assembling technicians and electricians in order to ensure a constantly efficient after-sales service.

spare parts

A prompt and speedy spares service is ensured by computerized storeroom management. availability and a flexible productive organization allow any spare part to reach the building sites where our cranes are working.


Safe and simple transport is considered right from the initial planning phase.
The cranes are modular and this allows them to be transported in containers, on trailers and building site trucks. All the proposed solutions are rational and allow a minimum cost.

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