PRODUCTS > RBI-FA Hydraulic self-erecting cranes with axles from 25 to 80 Km/h

RBI-FA Hydraulic self-erecting cranes with axles from 25 to 80 Km/h

It is a range of cranes of easy and fast transport, able to satisfy the most demanding customer thanks to its fast and easy assembly. It is a versatile crane line with jib from 22 to 30 meters (with the possibility to bend it in multiple positions) and load capacity from 1,800 - 2,400 kg. An excellent and flexible lifting solution for smaller construction sites requiring frequent transport operations, configuration, assembly and disassembly.
The road wagons with one or two axels of 80km/h are equipped with air suspension, braking system with ABS, signaling light system: they are designed specifically for towing self-erecting cranes.

The main advantages of this series are the following:

  • easy transport by road up to 80 Km/h with road wagon and drawbar, with road wagon and saddle, with low standard semi-trailer
  • possibility to be erected with horizontal jib and in luffing version up to 30°, keeping the same load capacity.
  • steering axles with minimum radii of curvature for positioning in tight spaces
  • Ultra-fast hydraulic mounting with fixed ballasts and automatic hydraulic levelling
  • simple, robust and inverter-controlled mechanisms
  • possibility of operation in complete autonomy with current generator
  • possibility of using the support feet at various heights (short or long hydraulic pistons, which allow to use the trailers fixed under the slewing ring; or mechanical telescopic stabilizers that allow to vary the height of the under jib)
  • easy and protected access to the slewing mechanism and to the hydraulic control unit
  • security system with visual pre-alarm when the functions reach 90°;
  • special anti-corrosion galvanizing treatment and particular sandblasting and painting treatment for non-galvanized parts;


  1. Radio control with buttons
  2. Radio control with levers
  3. Radio control with basic display
  4. Radio control with full optional display
  5. Connection system - Industry 4.0
  6. Black box
  7. Anti-collision system between 1 or more; crane
  8. Anti-overflight system
  9. Modem for remote assistance