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TLX Topless Tower crane

Quick-assembly tower crane line: the outstanding adaptability, simplicity and modularity are features that help to significantly reduce assembly time. Their radius of rotation varies from 15m to 85m linear and their capacity from 2,400 - 25,000 kg. An excellent crane, highly versatile and easy to use, suitable for minimizing interferences when many cranes are working on the same site.

The main advantages of this rage are:

  • Fast and easy assembly: the hinges of connection to the slewing ring support are made with a system that facilitates the engagement of the jib and the counter-jib, without having to perform dangerous operations. Moreover, the pre-assembly of the parts in the factory and the preparation of all the electromechanical parts with quick coupling pins make the assembly easy and fast.
  • Possibility to install jib and counter-jib sectioned in aerial phase, for special needs of construction site
  • Great versatility and diversification of works for which they can be used: power and range variants are available; panoramic cabins equipped with various levels of control technology and comfort; base with disposable elements or cross-base or recoverable element with anchors and the possibility of translation on rails or on fixed or sliding portals of various heights. In addition, it is always possible to integrate the structures that make up the crane by adding the pieces needed from time to time.
  • Possibility to install emergency hydraulic brakes on lifting winch and trolley
  • Load accuracy and safe and easy operation
  • Reduction of noise emissions
  • Special sandblasting treatment for all non-galvanized parts
  • Use of environmentally friendly paints and the possibility of using low environmental impact paints on request
  • Security system with visual pre-alarm when functions reach 90°
  • Easy and efficient transport by truck, trailer or container, remaining in road gauge


  1. Radio control with buttons
  2. Radio control with levers
  3. Radio control with basic display
  4. Radio control with full optional display
  5. Connection system - Industry 4.0
  6. Black box
  7. Anti-collision system between 1 or more; crane
  8. Anti-overflight system
  9. Modem for remote assistance
  10. Standard cabin
  11. Deluxe Cabin
  12. Luxury Cabin
  13. Ultrafilt system