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RBI Hydraulic self-erecting cranes

Our range of hydraulic self-erecting cranes RBI is very fast and safe to erect and to conduct, with very low maintenance costs. Thanks to its versatility, with jibs lengths from 15 to 40 meters and load capacities from 1.200 to 5.000 kg, it is the best solution for small houses and building constructions.

The main advantages are the following:

  • erection exceptionally safe and fast;
  • straightforward self-ballasting system thanks to the derrick installed on the tower;
  • simple, strong and reliable mechanisms controlled by frequency inverter;
  • easy and protected access to the slewing mechanism and to the hydraulic control unit;
  • special anti-corrosion galvanizing treatment and particular sandblasting and painting treatment;
  • possibility to be erected with horizontal jib and in luffing version (with several inclinations) up to 30°, keeping the same load capacity;
  • security system with visual pre-alarm when the functions reach 90°;
  • pins with innovative greasing system
  • transportable with semi-trailer thanks to their maneuverability, limited dimensions and weight and their predisposition for transport with suitable axles;



  1. Radio control with buttons
  2. Radio control with levers
  3. Radio control with basic display
  4. Radio control with full optional display
  5. Connection system - Industry 4.0
  6. Black box
  7. Anti-collision system between 1 or more; crane
  8. Anti-overflight system
  9. Modem for remote assistance